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We begin with work for Google that tells a story about the timeless power of creativity and its ability to adapt to a massive technological shift. Following this is a range of work for DirecTV. Then on to Tomcat, which kills so many mice they need to find something to do with them all. Next is a collection of work for the employment website Monster.com. Then you’ll see a mixed media campaign for BBC World News that cost very little money, and generated very big results. After BBC is a variety of work for FedEx, including another Super Bowl spot. We continue on to the creation and branding of a new block of programming for the G4TV network, featuring over 40 pieces of content. 40 pieces of immature, juvenile, utterly tasteless content. (But over 40 pieces nonetheless.) Next is a subway poster campaign for StreetEasy which helps every single New Yorker find their perfect apartment. PlayStationVue’s introduction to the world follows. Then on to Kraft to announce their alliance with Star Wars. Up next is a campaign that announces the merger between AT&T and DirecTV. Kayak.com follows, urging you to think when you travel. Lastly, we have an award winning campaign for ESPN. Hope you enjoy.

Introducing Google Re:Brief, a project intended to show the power and possibility within today’s display advertising. We took some of the most famous and iconic advertising campaigns from the past, and tasked the original creatives with re-imagining their ideas using Google’s amazing new technologies. The result shows us that brilliant thinking endures and can adapt to any medium. It won 7 Cannes Lions, plus a Grand Prix to boot.
The Site
Harvey Amil Bob & Howie Paula
“Harvey” “Amil” “Bob & Howie” “Paula”
Coke but"Volvo" Alka Seltzer Avis
“Coke” “Volvo” “Alka Seltzer” “Avis”

For DirecTV we created a variety of work that spans from a brand campaign to an NFL Sunday ticket campaign.
Neighbors Satisfaction Privacy
“Neighbors” “Satisfaction” “Privacy”
Beard Comedian Cats Trains
“Beard” “Comedian” “Cats” “Trains”

Tomcat Dead Mouse Theater, which we created with Barton F. Graf 9000, is a series of films directed by Ringan Ledwidge that answer the simple question, “When you kill as many mice as Tomcat, what will you do with them all?”
Monster Monster Monster
“Leprechaun” “Fitzy” “Viking”

Monster work includes spots shot by Rupert Sanders and Tom Kuntz that urge people to find the right career.
Monster Monster Monster
“Legs” “Boogieman” “Beaver”

For BBC World News, we created work that ranges from interactive text-to-vote billboards, to a campaign where we made art from actual coaxial cables on building sides to suggest that BBC brings you the world through your cable.
Iraq Immigration Bird Flu
“Iraq” “Immigration” “Bird Flu”
Riot Air Drop Kids
“Riot” “Air Drop” “Kids”
West Bank Bush Oil Immigrant
“West Bank” “Bush” “Oil” “Immigrant”
Molotov Bird Flu Hostage
“Molotov” “Bird Flu” “Hostage”

These FedEx spots remind us that nobody is as reliable as FedEx.
Turkeyneck Top Ten Lemmings
“Turkeyneck” “Top Ten” “Lemmings”

For G4TV we created the entire branding effort for a block of late-night programming. We began by naming it, which led to a logo design, which led to station interstitials, bump-ins, bump-outs, commercials, and so much more.
The Logo Sand Steroids Alligator French
“Sand” “Steroids” “Alligator” “French”
:10 CONT.
Gum Pee Bathtime Sweater Hunting
“Gum” “Pee” “Bathtime” “Sweater” “Hunting”
Skating Speedo Castro Gnat Zit
“Skating” “Speedo” “Castro” “Baboon” “Zit”
:05 CONT.
Nipples Q-Tip Paper Plane Floss Nose Pick
“Nipples” “Q-Tip” “Paper Plane” “Floss” “Nose Pick”
Gnat Spank Make Up Fart Dual - In
“Gnat” “Spank” “Make Up” “Fart” “Dual – In”
Dual - Out Dance - In Dance - Out Hand - In Hand - Out
“Dual – Out” “Dance – In” “Dance – Out” “Hand – In” “Hand – Out”
Hang Glider Pinata - In Pinata - Out Squeegee Fly
“Hang glider” “Pinata – In” “Pinata- Out” “Squeegee” “Fly”
Socket Speed eat Sneeze Bling
“Socket” “Speed eat” “Sneeze” “Bling”
G4tv G4tv

This Streeteasy campaign was done for the Office of Baby
Guarantors Rats Roommates
“Guarantors” “Rats” “Roommates”

What would you do if you had an incredibly powerful button in the palm of your hands? That’s the question we ask in the launch of Sony PlayStation Vue.

What happens when Kraft Macaroni & Cheese meets Star Wars?
R2D2 Yoda X-Wing
“R2D2” “Yoda” “X-Wing”

When AT&T and DirecTV merged, they needed a campaign to announce their union.
Launch Cry
“Launch” “Cry”

This spot for Kayak, created with Barton F. Graf 9000, suggests that you think when you travel or face the consequences.

Jay Mohr has a very, very strong personality. In this campaign for his ESPN sports show, we see how well he’d do in other jobs. It’s not pretty.
“Farm” “Ring” “Weather”

{ biographies and contact info }


Steve is from Minnesota, which means he’s pale and unusually nice to strangers. After college in Colorado, he moved to Roswell, New Mexico and became the producer of the local TV news station’s 10 pm and morning news. After two years, he’d tired of writing stories about aliens, and decided to join the family trade of advertising.

He enrolled at the VCU Adcenter, and spent two years dorking out about ads. After graduating, he was hired by Ground Zero in LA, where he proceeded to do work for ESPN, California Anti-smoking, Lucy, and others. After Ground Zero, he moved on to BBDO NY, where he helped create award-winning work for BBC, FedEx, DirectTV, Monster.com, and Guinness, and was bequeathed with the impressive sounding titles of Senior Creative Director and Executive Vice President.


Jerome grew up in the heart of Appalachia. After college he turned his back on the family trade of coal mining to seek his place in the world. He managed to land a job in the production department of a design studio in Chicago. One day at work, by accident, Jerome discovered a dusty, unused One Show annual on bookshelf. His fascination with advertising had begun.

After many self-taught, trial and error attempts to improve his book, Jerome’s big break came when he got hired by Butler, Shine and Stern as an art director. There he worked on Comedy Central, Sony PlayStation and a slew of dot com clients. He then went to work at Hal Riney to work on Saturn and Hewlett Packard. That was followed by a stint at Fallon New York where he primarily worked on Virgin Mobile. Jerome then went on to be a Creative Director at BBDO New York. At BBDO he has done highly recognized work for BBC, Monster, FedEx, Guinness and G4.

Jerome has been lucky enough to win just about every major award advertising has to offer. He also attributes his success to the irrational fear, if he fails, he’ll have to go work in the coal mines to provide for his family. This is irrational simply because all of the mines closed down long ago.


You can email us at stevemcelligott@me.com and jeromemarucci@me.com.
Or call us. 347.423.0859 for Steve. 718.744.5166 for Jerome. Just note, Jerome tends to mumble.